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About Avasant digital

Avasant digital is a specialized practice focused on assisting clients leverage the potential of disruptive technologies to define Digital Business strategies, identify the critical technology and organization requirements for these strategies, and execute the strategies by structuring and managing the strategic partnerships of the digital ecosystem supporting the strategic initiatives. This enables our clients to identify digital opportunities that form the basis for competitive advantage across all levels of the digital value chain, and ensure the realization of superior value through coordinating all aspects of executing the strategies.

Avasant Digital

Over 75% of enterprises see Digital Buiness as a top strategic priority. Less than 20% of enterprises have successfully executed digital plans, and less than 5% have directly impacted business outcomes. Avasant digital bridges the gaps between technology and strategy, and between strategy and execution.

Avasant digital for Enterprises
Offers senior executives a comprehensive range of services to help define and execute the Digital Business Blueprint for the enterprise. This encompasses conducting a Digital Business HealthcheckTM to identify readiness to exploit digital opportunities, developing Digital Business Strategies that drive superior business value, developing the Digital IT and Organization Strategy to enable the business strategies, and support with all aspects of Digital Ecosystem Structuring and Management to realize superior value.

Enterprises can realize sustained improvement in revenues and earnings through adopting Digital Business strategies that anticipate and adapt to fundamental changes in their business model.

Avasant digital for Technology & Service Providers
Assists leaders define and execute strategies to navigate the shift from traditional service models to integrated digital ecosystems. Our Risk and Retention Assessment maximizes opportunities from current portfolios, Market Price Benchmarking ensures pricing models and price points reflect new realities, and Go To Market strategy Advisory defines the products/solutions and execution strategies required to compete in the future, enabling our clients to maximize growth while balancing impacts on current buisness.

Digital for Technology & Service Providers

Current approaches to products and services will not suffice in the future. The impact of this inflection is already being felt in Technology & Service Provider revenues and margins.

Avasant digital for Government
Applies an integrated Digital Government framework that addresses all elements of policy and programs required for competitiveness, growth, employment and improved social outcomes. This framework spans the range of advice from policy to technology to institutions to design and execution of digital initiatives, and encompasses digital capital (including human capital and investment), policy and regulatory framework, infrastructure and institutional capacity, and specific digital service delivery initiatives.

In the Digital Age, governments that succeed will be those that leverage the Digital Economy for superior macrodigitalizationTM and microdigitatlizationTM impacts for citizens and other stakeholders.